Charter Schools

We love home school families (being a home school family ourselves).  This is why we partnered with Inspire Charter Schools.  We understand that education is not always in the classroom and some kids learn best with hands-on experiences.  Although school funding will not pay for transportation, lodging, or food, Blue Monarch Travel can help families plan educational tours and enriching cultural field trips domestically or internationally.  We have thousands of tours to choose from ranging from guided  tours of the Roman Coliseum to snorkeling in the Caribbean.

We can also help with tickets to events like symphonies, Broadway Musicals, operas, plays, and museums.  School funding can be used for all enrolled students and up to 2 chaperones.  Some restrictions may apply.

Contact us today to discuss the available tours for what you are interested in.  In addition to arranging your field trips, we would also love to help you plan your vacation! Call us at 949-529-0229 or fill out the contact form below.

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